Heidrive’s customer-specific drive technology is just convincing:


Heidrive is offering you a wide range of sophisticated and innovative drive systems for professional use. The name Heidrive stands for ambitious drive technology in a diversified product range of servomotors and EC motors, three-phase and capacitor motors, shaded pole motors and DC motors. Our highly dynamic and compact drives meet very high demands on quality especially with regard to synchronous operation and accuracy. We are able to reach high degrees of efficiency ensuring at the same time a maximum of power density. The energy-efficient electric drives stand out due to their long life and overload capability. Hence we are able to provide the optimal solution in terms of drive technology for nearly every customer-specific application.

Our portfolio also includes products for drive control. The servo controllers HCF, HCB, HCE and HCJ form ideal units for the synchronous and asynchronous motors of Heidrive. Regarding the interface between electrical drives and drive control customers can choose among a large variety of powerful encoders in either in multiturn or singleturn version. The broad range of drive technology products is completed by diverse types of gears. Thus it is possible to configure the ideal individual drive system for every customer.


Overview of Heidrive products in drive technology:


Synchronous motors

o Servomotors Premium from 0,05 to 3,75 kW

o Servomotors Compact from 0,02 to 3,00 kW

o EC- / BLDC-Motors up to 300 W


Asynchronous motors

o Three-phase motors up to 550 W

o Capacitor motors up to 550 W

o Shaded pole motors up to 550 W


Overview of Heidrive products in drive control:


Servo encoders

o HCJ - HIPERFACE®-DSL capable single-axis servo encoder

o HCE – 4-Q-drive encoder for synchronous and asynchronous motors

o HCF - 4-Q-drive encoder with 24V or 48V


Integrated encoders

o 1-Q encoder for EC motors