The drive specialist Heidrive from Kelheim is investing in the development of servomotors for several years now. Based on the servomotor series HeiMotion Compact which is available on the market since 2008 Heidrive developed the new servomotor series HeiMotion Premium. The series HeiMotion Compact being designed primarily for the Asian market, the series HeiMotion Premium in contrast was conceived for the high standards of the European market.

Sophisticated components  


Contrary to the series HeiMotion Compact, for the new servomotor series HeiMotion Premium even more sophisticated components like aluminium caps or ball bearings are used. In addition HeiMotion Premium meets the requirements for UL-Certification. These Heidrive motors are available in five flange sizes between 40 mm and 130 mm. They are offering the perfect drive solution for almost every application. The compressed winding technology with proven qualities supports the further development of compact sizes and reduces production costs compared to other servomotors on the market.

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Servomotors Premium

Servomotors Compact