Gear motors compact

The inexpensive gear program

For several years, our gear motor program is being complemented by Gearmotors Compact. These gears have been designed especially for applications requiring a protection class of IP40 or less. For these applications, our Compact range is a very cost-effective alternative choice to the well-known standrad profile motors. Gearmotor Compact comprises helical gears, helical bevel gears and worm gears.

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Gear motor

Compared to the motor shaft, due to the combination of electric motor and gear at lower speed a significantly higher torque can be reached. Heidrive offers you a large-variety gear motor program for your individual application.

A variety of drive combinations

Every Heidrive motor can be combined with a helical gear, a helical bevel gear, a worm gear or a planetary gear. The standard design of Heidrive gear motors contains a horizontal mounting orientation and is conceived for normal ambient temperatures. The gear motors with helical gear or helical bevel gear have 4 poles; the gear motors with worm gears by default have 2 poles. For helical gears and helical bevel gears a standardized oil filling is used. For worm gears synthetic grease is applied. Not only the selection of gears offered by the drive specialist Heidrive, but also the range of diverse drive solutions has to be emphasized. The customer is free to choose among three-phase motors, capacitor motors, shade pole potors, EC motors and servomotors. Moreover, each of these motors comes with a large variety of supplementary options. With or without fan blade, with integrated or with externally mounted HIPERFACE®-encoder or resolver and electronics, for Heidrive almost anything is possible. Even in the standard program of the gear motor fans are integrated in the case of three-phase motors and capacitor motors, whereas the EC motor by default is nonventilated. It has to be highlighted that the extensive standard gear motor program has been extended by the so-called compact series years ago. The gear motor Compact has been conceived especially for applications which require a protective structure IP40 or lower. They represent a cost-efficient alternative choice compared to the common gear motor. Heidrive’s gear motor is free of maintenance and is used in the most different sectors. The sectors of heating engineering and of equipment engineering can be named as examples.