Helical gears

up to 100 Nm

Configure your own, ideally tailored to your needs Gearmotor - our modular gearmotor series makes it possible! In the field of helical gear are seven different gear sizes, a variety of translations and a selection of different types of motors and accessories available.

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Helical gear

Heidrive’s drive solutions are characterized above all by a wide variety, e.g. all Heidrive motors can be combined with a helical gear. In that case the maximal continuous torque value amounts up to 100 Nm. The helical gear can be provided as a two-stage or three-stage version and in seven different sizes. The ratio range is between 3:1 and 180:1. A special feature is the high degree of efficiency which amounts up to 95%.

A solid and compact gear

The solid, compact gear contains an oil lubrification which helps to reduce noise significantly and to increase freedom of maintenance. With its hardened tooth and the optimized geometry the helical gear is conceived for the most demanding operating conditions in mechanical engineering. Heidrive’s gear motors are in use in the most diverse sectors. In heating engineering the helical gears of Heidrive have proven their worth for decades being used as drive for feeder worm and rotary feeder. Start to configure your own gear motor which is perfectly tailored to your needs and benefit from our modularly structured gear motor series! In the field of helical gears seven different gear sizes, a large variety of gear ratios and a broad range of motor types and accessories are available.