Worm gear

up to 20 Nm

Our worm gear units are available in two sizes and are available with ratios between 1:7 and 1:100. They are filled with synthetic oil, closed and therefore maintenance-free. The worm gear on ball bearings and therefore permit high axial and radial forces.

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Worm geared drive motor

The hardened and ground steel worm allows high shock loads. Taking into account the continuous torque peak torques can be transferred well.

Torque up to 20 Nm

The Heidrive worm gear having a torque of up to 20 Nm can be ordered in two sizes and with ratios between 1:7 and 1:100. This gear contains synthetic oil; it is enclosed and therefore free of maintenance. As the worm gear is ball bearing mounted is tolerates high radial and thrust forces. By default Heidrive gears are conceived for normal ambient temperatures. They are equipped with a threaded hole circle on both sides and with a hollow shaft with a diameter of 20 mm with key slot. Optionally the mounting of brakes is possible, the capacitor motor or three-phase motor can be provided also with 2 poles. Furthermore, an insert shaft on the left or right side or on both sides can be realized. Heidrive worm gears are extremely compact and developed especially for equipment manufacturing. They can be combined with synchronous motors as well as with asynchronous motors.