HeiMotion Dynamic

The new servomotor series

The new servo motor series HeiMotion Dynamic is the answer to the increasing demand for highly dynamic servo motors. Moreover, the HMD motors are extremely robust and largely customizable. Thus the HMD series is a needs-based extension of the modular HeiMotion servo system.

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New highly dynamic series: HeiMotion Dynamic

The market is increasingly demanding for drive solutions with high acceleration torques respectively a very dynamic behaviour. To sectors like automation and robotics, also the compactness of the motors is of vital importance. In order to realize diverse applications the motors can be largely individualized.
As an answer to the new demand situation Heidrive developed the new series HMD - HeiMotion Dynamic, which represents highly dynamic servo motors. The motors of this series are not only endued with an optimized acceleration behaviour but also with particular robustness. The dynamic of the HMD motors is achieved by a material optimization on the rotor and a reduction of overall length. Furthermore, a new winding technology has been used for the HMD series.

The robustness of HMD motors was achieved, inter alia, by a full grouting under vacuum. In this way the coil is ideally thermally tied to the laminated core and the motor case. External mechanical influences like shocks or vibrations thus do not affect the stability of the windings. The latter are fully enclosed in the casting compound and thereby optimally protected. Another positive impact of the full grouting is the avoidance of partial discharges and koronas. This results in a longer service life of the drives. As an answer to the demands for 24/48V capable drive systems, with HMD a low-voltage series is offered to the market. In addition, the torque gradation has been enlarged at the HMD series.

Realization of first large-scale projects

At the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg, the HeiMotion Dynamic series has been presented to the expert audience from all manner of industries for the first time. Numerous representatives of reputable manufacturers from the fields of automation and robotics were interested in the particular features of the HMD motors and were highly impressed by the new series. First large-scale projects that require a highly dynamic performance have already been realized with HMD motors. This confirms that HMD is integrated perfectly in the existing modular servo system of Heidrive. A further development has been performed at the magnetic circuit. Apart from that all interfaces are identical with the established drive systems. Therefore, all options – encoders, brake, connectors, caps, planetary gears etc. – of the existing modular system can also be used for HeiMotion Dynamic.