Shaded pole motors

up to 30W

Heidrive shaded pole motors are asynchronous squirrelcage motors for connection to a single-phase accurrent. Their simple, robust and maintenance-free design makes them universally usable drive elements. Furthermore, they are characterized by excellent reliability, long operating life and no need for maintenance. Electronic speed control, motor brakes, gears and cooling vanes make shaded pole motors even more versatile.

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Powerful and reliable shaded pole motors by Heidrive

Heidrive offers you a wide range of shaded pole motors. For more than 60 years the shaded pole motor is manufactured at Heidrive. The shaded pole motor up to 30 W is an asynchronous cage motor for single-phase alternating current. In the 2-pole version this motor rotates with a rated motor speed of approx. 2.200 to 2.600 revolutions per minute at 50 Hz, reverse run and forward run being feasible. Thus the prominent customers from different sectors can choose among different options like electronic speed control, diverse motor brakes, gear boxes and fan blades.

Besides high efficiency our shaded pole motor stands out due to absolute reliability, robustness, running smoothness and a long lifetime especially for the version with ball bearing. Moreover, our motors are absolutely free of maintenance. Optionally the motors can be supplied in a ventilated version. Combinations with gear boxes up to 2 Nm torque are possible, too. The shaded pole motors pave the way for cost-effective drive solutions on all fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing. They are used in the most different areas, e.g. for heating devices and ventilators, for cooling units, pump drives, inhalation devices as well as for medical devices. Owing to the high in-house production depth of Heidrive the shaded pole motor can be adapted to the individual requirements of the respective customer. The in-house casting machines allow the construction and production of bearing brackets and also the production of customer-specific versions.