Three-phase motors

up to 550 W

Heidrive three-phase motors are asynchronous squirrel cage motors with delta or star connection. They are characterised by a high start torque which is considerable higher than the nominal torque. The three-phase motors run smoothly and quietly, are robust, maintenance-free and feature a long life-span.

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Three-phase motor

An asynchronous squirrel cage motor with delta or star connection is referred to as three-phase motor. A three-phase motor is run operated by three-phase alternating current respectively three-phase current. Since 1958 the three-phase motor of the company Heidrive is used in many different applications.

Motor with high speed

Due to its high speed combined with a frequency converter and its accurate synchronization the Heidrive three-phase motor is particularly suitable for the usage in centrifuges. To reach rotation speeds up to 30.000 revolutions per minute with ease the rotors are balanced precisely. Besides, special ball bearings and and carefully mounting are used. The high quality of its custom-made products differentiates Heidrive from its competitors. For example, fan blades, special shafts and special flanges can be installed. Those are applied in the most diverse areas. Manufacturers of laboratory technology and medical technology rely on the three-phase motor of Heidrive and appreciate its persistence and reliability. Furthermore, this motor in combination with a helical gear or a helical bevel gear is used as drive for an ice cube machine, for the carriage of pellets in heating installations and for exhaust gas ventilators.