Asynchronous motors

Asynchronous motors are the most common type of motor in industry and drive engineering. They are available in different versions that are useable for a wide range of applications. Due to the reduction of all wear parts to a minimum, asynchronous motors are robust, almost free of maintenance and uncomplex in manufacturing.

Additional options like motor brakes, gear boxes and encoder systems

The asynchronous motors from Heidrive are cage motors in the versions three-phase motor, capacitor motor and shade pole motor. Heidrive’s three-phase motors and capacitor motors by default are produced up to 550 W and shade pole motors up to an output power of 30 W. The different versions of the asynchronous motors can be perfectly adapted to your specific application by the means of various additional options like motor brakes, gear boxes, fan blades and encoder systems. Heidrive is supplying customers from industry, equipment manufacturing, medical technology, aviation and consumer goods sector with its reliable asynchronous motors. In those sectors the motors are used as drives for pumps and fans, as conveyor drive and lifting aid, but also as drive for coffee grinders and other applications. In our catalogue you will find further information for correct combinations of our motors and gear boxes, depending on your individual requirements. Our engineers and experts will support you rapidly as well as competently. For each particular case appropriate solutions are conceived to realize your projects.

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