Synchronous motors

A synchronous motor is characterized by the synchronous operation of the rotor and the rotating magnetic field of the stator. The synchronous motor is running synchronously to the rotating field of the applied alternating voltage. The rotor is furnished with permanent magnets made of rare-earth elements or with ferrite magnets.

Variable rotation speed and rotation direction

Its variable rotation speed and rotation direction, high efficiency and a particularly high degree of efficiency allow a very broad field of application for the permanent magnet activated synchronous motor. Heidrive is producing synchronous motors for applications that require a precise, dynamic motion. Motion solutions for rotative applications are offered by Heidrive. Thus Heidrive’s synchronous motor is in use in robotics, automation technology, as lifting aid, as drive for doors and gates, in medical technology and a lot of other areas. Furthermore, the permanent magnet activated synchronous motor turns out to be more efficient and more compact than asynchronous motors especially for smaller machines. In the field of synchronous motors Heidrive is offering EC motors and servomotors. A particular highlight is the new servomotor series HeiMotion Premium with a variant-rich modular system.

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