Capacitor motors

up to 550 W

Regarding design and layout, our capacitor motors correspond to our three-phase motors. They are being used for operation at the single-phase mains supply. Operation of the motors requires a capacitor that can be delivered unmounted together with the motor. To reduce the noise level, the motors dispose of 4 poles; on request, they can also be delivered with different pole numbers.


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Construction of the capacitor motor

Concerning the construction the capacitor motors are equivalent to the three-phase motors. They are used for operation on a single-phase network. For reasons of noise optimization the motors are laid out with four poles. If desired, the motors can also be provided with other speeds.

Special voltages available

To operate this motor an operating capacitor is necessary which can optionally be supplied by Heidrive as well. The capacitor motor electively is conceived with 2, 4 or 8 poles and is characterized by high reliability, freedom from maintenance and long life. Emphasis is also placed on the numerous additional options for this motor. The connection cables can be configured in different versions and various paintings can be selected. As further options special shafts and special flanges are available. By default the Heidrive capacitor motor is laid out with the IP classes from IP00 to IP67. The default voltage is set from 115 to 230 V at 50/60 Hz, by request, also special voltages can be supplied. Besides, the capacitor motor can be delivered UL rated. The rotation direction of the motor can be changed by reconnecting the neutral conductor in the terminal box. The Heidrive capacitor motor is used for the most various purposes, e.g. as drive for a coffee grinder or for changing door positions. Capacitor motors are always implemented when continuous rotation speeds up to synchronous rotation speeds (for capacitor motors with 2 poles 3.000 RPM) are needed and in case a drop in speed as step response on an increase of torque can be tolerated. Capacitor motors are more cost-effective than synchronous motors, but more expensive than three-phase motors due to the required starting capacitor.