HeiMotion Premium

The new servomotors series

The new servomotor series "HeiMotion Premium" is a consistent further development of 2008th "HeiMotion Compact" series in regard of requirements on the European market. The AC servomotors are available in 7 different flange sizes and operate a power range from 50W to 14 kW.


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Heidrive's servomotor: Optimized and powerful

Since 2008 Heidrive is specialized in the development and manufacturing of servomotors. Besides the first servo series HeiMotion Compact which is a cost-reduced version especially for the Asian market, in 2012 the new servomotors HeiMotion Premium were introduced. Heidrive is a manufacturer of servomotors with highest quality requirements for customer-specific applications. Clear benefits of the servomotors are the high efficiency, optimized moments of inertia, the high power density along with optimized cogging torque and high overload capacity.

Based on the modular system of servomotors Heidrive is not only offering standardized products in order to quickly respond to customer requests. In addition to the numerous options of the modular system Heidrive is also developing individual, customer-specific applications. Every motor of the servomotor manufacturer Heidrive is produced under the highest quality requirements. The motor coils are wound and tested automatically in the Czech subsidiary. The final assembly is carried out in the main plant in Germany using automated manufacturing techniques and professional testing stations. At Heidrive the percentage of in-house production is considerably high. From the experienced, research and development department up to the own die casting machines Heidrive is developing and manufacturing almost everything under one-roof.

HeiMotion Premium servomotors

The AC-servomotors of the HeiMotion Premium series are able to meet the most demanding requirements on the market. The servomotors are available in six different flange sizes (40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 190mm) with varying overall lengths and various torque. Heidrive is offering the appropriate drive solution and covers a power spectrum from 50 W to 15 kW. The distributed winding technology with proven features facilitates the further development of compact sizes and reduces the production costs of the servomotor series HeiMotion Premium compared to other manufacturers on the market. Moreover, all conventional encoder systems from a resolver to a high-resolution HIPERFACE®-DSL-encoder can be adapted. Further options are possible using the planetary gears with direct mounting or the integration of powertrain electronics into the motor.